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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blog Post #1: All About Carly

For our first blog post, we are supposed to tell a few things about ourselves.

For starters, I am from Jackson, Alabama, which is about an hour north of Mobile, and I have lived there pretty much my entire life.  It's a pretty quiet but peaceful small town.  One of my major interests is hanging out with friends because I am a very sociable person.  I like soccer, summertime, baking, and shopping.

I actually have a double major in Secondary Education and Literature.  What made me want to teach?...Have you ever seen little kids play 'school' where one pretends to be the 'teacher' and their little friends are 'students'? I guess I never really grew out of that. It's what I've always wanted to do and can't really picture myself doing anything else.  And why Literature? Well, I realize that a lot of people really don't like English or Literature but it's my favorite subject and the one that I'm best at. I am terrible at Science and Math but I am a complete English nerd.  I would choose reading or writing over almost any other activity. It makes me happy to see other people enjoying these activities or excelling at them too.

My family has always encouraged me in everything I have aspired to do.  I have two amazing parents who work very hard and are always looking out for me. They are supportive but know me well enough to know what things are most appropriate for me and I value their opinion more than almost anyone. I also have an older brother who is 24 and recently got married. He is the typical older brother who is always picking on me and trying to give me advice. He lives in Montgomery so we don't get to see each other very often, and when we do we get along better than we used to.

So, to wrap up, I'm a sociable, outgoing person; feel like I have chosen the right career path for myself; and value family.  I also love music, travel, and my new 6-week-old puppy Lina (her name is Thumbelina but we're calling her 'Lina' for short!). I'm a terrible driver, an awful procrastinator, and sometimes a perfectionist. I look forward to getting to know all of you in Dr. Strange's EDM310 Class Spring 2011 and those reading our class blog. Happy Blogging!


  1. Hey, Carly! Are you in the MW 4:00 class?

  2. Carly, I love what you've done to your blog! It's funny that you talked about playing school when you were younger because I still remember doing that too. My sister and I begged our parents to buy us a huge dry erase board, and we thought it was the coolest thing ever. I think it's awesome that you are double majoring in literature though. I love to read too and I definitely think that is because I had some good teachers in elementary school that made reading fun instead of just a chore. Hopefully we can make our students love to read also!

    I bet you are LOVING Lina though. That's such a cute name! what kind of dog is she?

  3. Thank you Lauren! I also remember asking my mom to buy me an overhead projector so I could teach my older brother better grammar...needless to say, it did not work! haha.
    I cannot imagine teaching any other subject than literature. And you are definitely right. It's teachers with a passion for what they are teaching who know how to make topics and stories and books memorable that caused me to love Literature so much. I really hope to do the same. If I can help or offer any feedback just let me know!
    And Lina is a Jack Russell Terrier who thinks she's a Doberman. Haha. She literally is the size of my hand! Maybe I will add a picture of her to my next post! Look forward to getting to know you this semester!

  4. I think it is really great that you are so confident in your chosen career path; it takes a lot of self awareness and dedication and I hope you never loose that. Like you I have a very encouraging family, and I am grateful for all of the opportunities they have afforded me. Things just seem easier with support. It is also great that you a passionate about literature; it’s a really powerful tool to open students up to new worlds and their own creativity. I hope you enjoy your semester and look forward to commenting again.

  5. Why thank you Barry! I think none of us would be where we are today, or know as much as we do about the world and ourselves without people who taught us these things. My mom home schooled me for four years and it was her passion for literature and writing and the books she forced me to read and then later see that she was right and actually enjoy them, that made me see that Literature is my thing. My biggest hope as a teacher is to instill in someone else the kind of appreciation that she did in me. Best of luck on all your assignments and endeavors in teaching!

  6. I wouldn't procrastinate in here! Great response to the thread Carly! I will start encouraging your classmates to subscribe to the posts that they comment on so they will remember to respond in return. I suggest you do the same when you leave comments anywhere!