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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Amazing work by EDM310 Students!

So many of you have been coming up with great ideas outside of what you have been assigned in class for EDM310! I added a few suggestions to some of the ideas that were floating around in case any of you, especially those who thought of them, wanted to bring them to life!
Take a look at what our students/your classmates are thinking:

Just to name a few...
Kim Summers' Blog Post #8 : Using technology to go beyond the typical school/class newspaper!
I found this cool website that might not be the perfect fit for this but its a good start!

Paige Ellis' Blog Post #8"What are some other ways to be creative by using video? What came to my mind first and foremost, is the truth that acting is not a talent of mine.  I do however, enjoy other aspects that a video presentation requires, especially on the creative side.  Many ideas have swirled in my mind, but my favorite is the Ambush Makeover!  Imagine a teacher, tired and bored with the same ‘ole routine, but not knowing how to change or even where to start.  Her students want to help her, for they are bored and unengaged in the classroom.  With pure emotion and conviction, a student, tweets for help.  Much happens in between, but the outcome is a 21st century teacher ready to bring new life into her former stale, uninspiring classroom."

Elizabeth Brooks' Blog Post #8: Using Stop animation videos to teach Critical Moments in History. Here's a website I found that has lots of great ideas for short animated films.

Krissy Menicucci: "I think an interesting video to make would be on the importance of coming to the lab for help. In the video a student could be at home trying to do their work and not be able to complete the assignment because they are unsure of what they are required to do. Then the student goes to the lab and a lab assistant helps them and explains the steps in the assignment to them. Going to the lab has helped me and I feel if other people saw how helpful the lab assistants can be they would probably go more often."
 thi took this class I did not understand why I, a PE major, would have to take it. I th
Dr. Strange on Brad Goldman's Blog Post #8: EDM310 for Rednecks?
Joe Dirt and Alligator

Podcast by Carey Dekle, Alana Escobio, Elizabeth Brooks and Lucinda Prescott:This group went above and beyond to incorporate real-life elements of a newscast using multimedia to achieve their podcast. Great teamwork and innovation!

Caileigh McCulloch's Blog Post #8: How to Stay Ahead in EDM310?
Try this to-do homepage! It's like having your own proverbial "drawing board" to keep up with on the internet.

Josh Milne's Blog Post #8: "I think I could definitely do a video kind of like the Chipper Series, but based more along the lines of physical education. The first time I took this class I did not understand why I, a PE major, would have to take it. I thought that teaching PE doesn't have anything to do with computers and technology. This class has made me understand that technology can be incorporated into the teaching of anything. But having the preconceived notion that I wouldn't gain anything from this class has held me back in my previous attempts at taking it. So I think a video on how the uses of technology learned in EDM310 can be applied to a PE curriculum."

Kashondra Rudolph's Blog Post #8 : "If I had to come up with ideas for my own video, I would find a homeless person on the streets, who desire education but lacks resources. I will pay their tuition for EDM310 and give them a copy of EDM310 for dummies, for an entire semester. At the end of the semester, I would write a summary on how well the homeless person did in EDM 310, using the book and its resources for help. This idea will compare an average student with an homeless person, and determine how well anyone can actually learn."
Homeless Man 'Will Code HTML for Food'

Regina Sawyer's Blog Post #8 :"An idea that comes to my mind in creating a video would be an "Old school/New school" approach. The old tired looking teacher presenting material the same old way, students are inattentive, and classroom management and organization are nonexistent. Then the New School practice comes into place where students are engaged, teacher are facilitators. The classroom environment is a pleasant atmosphere to be in because organization is upheld due to the convenience of technology and the elimination of paperwork. Classroom management is optimal because students are controlling their own learning. This is my vision at this point for a video."
I think this image is a good representation of this idea.  Can we break away completely from the classic and traditional "old school classroom" like the one pictured? Or is it best to keep somethings the way they are while adding elements that can possibly do a better job of keeping our students engaged? The article that goes along with this image presents a very good argument!

Norman Rockwell Teacher with Ipad

Saturday, June 18, 2011

What one class can do :)

A school in Tennessee started off studying the holocaust. Their teacher wanted to drive home just how much negativity and suffering intolerance can bring. The class decided to collect six million paper clips in honor of the six million Jews who lost their lives to the holocaust. They were sent paper clips and stories of survivors from all over the world. Be to sure to catch this documentary! You don't want to miss it! :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Help for EDM310 Students!

Project #10 is vast approaching! So, in the spirit of goodwill and all that, I have decided to jot down a few helpful suggestions for my friends in EDM310!
For project #10, you will have to create your own Personal Learning Network!
Holy cow, what does this mean?!

First off, I highly recommend that you follow Dr. Strange's instructions in the instruction manual and come see us in the lab if you have questions.
Second, it is more effective to test and try out what things are effective in helping you learn and keep up with...stuff..before you have to do your blog post on it. That way, you aren't throwing a PLE or PLN together at the last minute to have something to blog about. (Not that any of you would ever do that, of course ;) )

Second, Symbaloo is about the coolest thing a person could have to start a PLN and to actually keep up with it. You can add just about any website you want to your symbaloo "home page" and track any blogs you are following, etc. And its colorful; it looks like skittles. So, that's always a plus.

BUT, although Symbaloo is great because it keeps all the stuff you need in one place and it eleminates that annoying thing where you have five browsers open and a million tabs up, there are other websites to look into as well. And pretty cool ones I might add!
1) Stumbleupon is the coolest thing since sliced ham. Or bread. Both, even. If you are one of those people who likes to find things that are out of the ordinary, you will be just as enamored with it as I am. You can add all of your interests, and then press the stumble button until a page loads that you really really enjoy and then you like it and it's yours forever. It saves it to your favorites, where you can store all kinds of educational videos, blogs to read, website databases, cool photography, free stuff, etc. I always wanted to know where to find cool, nerdy stuff on the internet and now I am satisfied. I have said too much already..didn't want to give too much away so you would have to check it out yourself!
2) Evernote
3) Scribd
4)Google Reader...I highly recommend exploring Google and all the things it has to offer. What did we do before Google? And the cloud thing?
5) Tweetdeck is something that you have, I think, been encouraged to look into by Dr. Strange. If you do not have this, I recommend that you do. It is one page that you can organize with columns and such to keep with all of your social networky stuff like Twitter, Facebook, etc. simultaneously.
6) ALEX: Alabama Learning Exchange is a great way to track available lesson plans, podcasts, and more! Be sure to check it out!

Because there's no reason you can't do EDM310 stuff wherever you go. We can't assist you as easily as we can in the lab, but it can still work for you. Why shouldn't you be able to blog from the doc
(*Disclaimer: I have an Android phone, so I do not know if these are available to all phones, especially older phones, and also Iphones.)
Blogger once had an app that was incognito but I recently found it!!
Spellchecker (which can help with proofing and editing your blog posts)
Picasa Tool
Groupme (could be great for group projects- group message forum)
TED Talks
Google Earth Blog

Come visit us in the lab! :)

I leave you with something really cool I found on Stumbleupon just to brighten your day!
Happiest Sheep in the World