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Friday, June 17, 2011

Help for EDM310 Students!

Project #10 is vast approaching! So, in the spirit of goodwill and all that, I have decided to jot down a few helpful suggestions for my friends in EDM310!
For project #10, you will have to create your own Personal Learning Network!
Holy cow, what does this mean?!

First off, I highly recommend that you follow Dr. Strange's instructions in the instruction manual and come see us in the lab if you have questions.
Second, it is more effective to test and try out what things are effective in helping you learn and keep up with...stuff..before you have to do your blog post on it. That way, you aren't throwing a PLE or PLN together at the last minute to have something to blog about. (Not that any of you would ever do that, of course ;) )

Second, Symbaloo is about the coolest thing a person could have to start a PLN and to actually keep up with it. You can add just about any website you want to your symbaloo "home page" and track any blogs you are following, etc. And its colorful; it looks like skittles. So, that's always a plus.

BUT, although Symbaloo is great because it keeps all the stuff you need in one place and it eleminates that annoying thing where you have five browsers open and a million tabs up, there are other websites to look into as well. And pretty cool ones I might add!
1) Stumbleupon is the coolest thing since sliced ham. Or bread. Both, even. If you are one of those people who likes to find things that are out of the ordinary, you will be just as enamored with it as I am. You can add all of your interests, and then press the stumble button until a page loads that you really really enjoy and then you like it and it's yours forever. It saves it to your favorites, where you can store all kinds of educational videos, blogs to read, website databases, cool photography, free stuff, etc. I always wanted to know where to find cool, nerdy stuff on the internet and now I am satisfied. I have said too much already..didn't want to give too much away so you would have to check it out yourself!
2) Evernote
3) Scribd
4)Google Reader...I highly recommend exploring Google and all the things it has to offer. What did we do before Google? And the cloud thing?
5) Tweetdeck is something that you have, I think, been encouraged to look into by Dr. Strange. If you do not have this, I recommend that you do. It is one page that you can organize with columns and such to keep with all of your social networky stuff like Twitter, Facebook, etc. simultaneously.
6) ALEX: Alabama Learning Exchange is a great way to track available lesson plans, podcasts, and more! Be sure to check it out!

Because there's no reason you can't do EDM310 stuff wherever you go. We can't assist you as easily as we can in the lab, but it can still work for you. Why shouldn't you be able to blog from the doc
(*Disclaimer: I have an Android phone, so I do not know if these are available to all phones, especially older phones, and also Iphones.)
Blogger once had an app that was incognito but I recently found it!!
Spellchecker (which can help with proofing and editing your blog posts)
Picasa Tool
Groupme (could be great for group projects- group message forum)
TED Talks
Google Earth Blog

Come visit us in the lab! :)

I leave you with something really cool I found on Stumbleupon just to brighten your day!
Happiest Sheep in the World


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