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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Project #16: Final Group Project

I already posted a progress report on my final project, but in case you missed it, I have created a blog with Chelsea Krail and Kristen Whitehurst.
You can find us here: Digital Native Classroom
Our objective in creating the blog was to guide teachers, future teachers, administration, and students on using blogs in the classroom. Teachers just getting started with blogging can learn from some of our posts, their students can use our instructions to complete assignments, future teachers can weigh this idea, and administration might be more convinced to support blogging. The posts on our blog:
-Talk about iMovie, our experiences with it, supply links to Anthony Capps' instructional videos
-Define Personal Learning Environment
-Show examples of how well blogs are being implemented in some classrooms
-Direct bloggers' attention to Alabama Learning Exchange (ALEX)
-Give examples and directions for Glogster Interactive Poster Pages
-Discuss programs and resources to enhance your blog
-Provide some helpful HTML on creating alt and title modifiers and creating a button
-Has links to some blogs that we learned from that might help get them started blogging!

We started off with a few ideas and as we thought about all the things we had needed to know about our class blogs and the things we learned, it became clear what things we should share! I hope you will share our blog with anyone who needs it or can benefit because that is why we made it: collaboration. Thanks guys!


  1. Wow! What an excellent collection of materials and examples. This would be extremely useful for in-service training. And the picture Will Code HTML for Food. I MUST use that!

    Well designed, demonstrates proficiency in a lot of areas, very useful!


  2. Thank you Dr. Strange!! We didn't think of in-service training but I might have to add that to the blog as a useful suggestion! I am very excited to know that our project turned out well.