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Thursday, July 14, 2011

StoryBird Project: What to Expect in EDM310

EDM310 With Dr. Strange: Turn Your Brain to the "On" Position on Storybird


  1. This was awesome! It should definitely be an assignment for students to read. Everything else we read/watch at the beginning of the course seems to focus on how time consuming it is. I like your approach because the students get a glimpse at how rewarding the class is. I shared the site with my mom and it's one of the first web tools she's actually using and letting her kids use in the classroom. She's going to try using ZooBurst next. She's as old school as they come and has been teaching for 40 years. If she can get inspired after that long, I believe anyone can!

  2. Thank you Frances! I didn't think of it like that, but I think Doctor Strange likes to put fear in his students! haha. I do think people generally come out of the class feeling accomplished and that they have grown, and had a rewarding experience on some level. I am glad that you are getting your mom to branch out! It is great that she has gotten inspired! I hope you both do well as teachers and are able to support each other. It would be great if one day soon your classroom and hers could Skype or comment on each other's blogs! :)