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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Comments 4 Kids Assignment Summary

Miss Helen King's class at Pt. England School is grades 4 to 5, room 13. They are from Auckland, New Zealand. The student whose blog I was assigned to comment on was Josephine. Her posts were about Cinderella, Baseball, and her class getting Netbooks. I commented on her post about the day her class received the Netbooks, but she has not commented back. I was also assigned to comment on Carlos' Blog, but he did not post anything in time for me to comment on it.
I think the blogging project is good for kids when they participate because they are able to do not only educational activities but talk about their personal lives as well. This is like having a journal that is published. It allows them to practice writing, editing, and communication skills in order to write a blog that the world will view.
You can view Miss King's Class Blog here:

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