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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Progress Report on Final Project

For our Final Project, Project #16, my group members are Kristen Whitehurst and Chelsea Krail.  We have decided to come up  with our own blog about blogging! The idea is to feature "how-to's" for teachers and students just getting started with blogging by suggesting things they can add to enhance their blog and add to (and maintain) their Personal Learning Network.  We can add videos and whatnot that we have saved as projects for this class to show all that we have learned.  There will be posts on how to enhance your blog, and also on things to enhance your blog posts, like different assignments teachers can do.  We would also like for any seasoned professionals (like our very own Dr. Strange!) to comment on some of the posts to help out any teachers or students who are new to blogging.  This rapport can help jog old memories for the pro's and new ideas for those who are fresh to the experience! We have only added one post so far but here is the link!: Become a Digital Native!

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