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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Project #14 Teach Someone

Most people nowadays know how to make a PowerPoint Presentation.  Because Microsoft is king.
But Google Presentation is a very similar software offered by Google that allows you to not only create, but share, publish, or embed straight from your email.  This eliminates a few steps that can take anywhere from ten mins to an hour depending on your luck and internet connection. I thought this would be great knowledge to share.  So, if you have not mastered the art of Google Presentations, I would like to teach you a few basic helpful tips!

Here is my project:

The song is "Dayligh" by Matt & Kim and is also one of my favorites!
This is my presentation that I created as a model:


  1. Carly, I think that this is a very detailed and great idea for teaching someone something!!! I really like your idea! I think that this is very creative, thank you for sharing. - Nell Broughton

  2. Thank you Nell! I hope that you enjoyed it and that it was helpful :)

  3. This is excellent! I love that you did music and not your own voice, and just text and it is just screenshots! Very creative!

  4. Thanks Amberly! I appreciate it. I really like music and think it adds alot to a presentation. I thought some great music might make it a lot more interesting than just my voice. Hope it worked lol.